In only half a day, participants face a realistic, complex problem requiring effective leadership and decision-making. 

Participants are actively engaged, no matter what their level of education, more than traditional classroom exercises, demonstrations, or videos AND most programs handle groups from 8 to 400 people.

Simulations reinforce adult learning principles and provide multiple "Aha's" relevant to your workplace.

Participants really enjoy themselves, and unlike role plays, participants do not have to "act." The behaviors, emotions, personalities and ethical motives which guide their decisions are their own.



Managing Change - Tipping Point 

The Tipping Point program is a enjoyable, interactive, effective way to get leaders actively involved in the practice of change management using a series of case studies.  Teams vie against each other to create the best change strategy. This friendly competition encourages risk taking and focuses dialogue on what most matters. Team results are seen immediately onscreen in front of the class then we debrief participants on their assumptions about what accelerates change. This helps participants design strategies likely to have more success in their own organizations.


MONEY$MART starts with a brief discussion of basic business logic, then small teams of 4-6 people follow along one year in the life of a company. As these first-year results aren't particularly spectacular, participants discuss ways to improve performance through better resource utilization. Over the next two years, participants see how the company's profitability and productivity increase. Everyone compares the effects of management decisions in seemingly unrelated areas and tries to improve overall cash flow and net worth. 

In debrief, participants review key learnings and generate ideas for improvement at their own company. The positive impact of these discussions is often astonishing.

Project Management - Paper Planes Inc (R)

Paper Planes, Inc. is an innovative, award-winning project management simulation that delivers bottom-line learning in an internationally successful format. Paper Planes, Inc. quickly reveals barriers to organizational success while providing insights into creative solutions and teamwork in business. Paper Planes, Inc. , helps participants experience the powerful effects of system reengineering and process improvement, gain first-hand knowledge about the cost and waste inherent in a dysfunctional system, recognize barriers to change, develop new paths to continuous improvement, see the impact of redesign and reengineering on quality, perceive the critical connection between systems thinking, total quality, and customer orientation.

Teambuilding - Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine

For business, scientific, and technical professionals who pride themselves on intellectual horsepower and assertiveness, The Search for the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine™ is an internationally successful half-day event focusing on collaboration. How often do teams struggle more with each other than with competitors? The innovative format takes collaborative learning to the bottom line with emphasis on internal alignment and information-sharing. The Search for the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine™is an excellent front-end learning experience to any team building, conference, or strategic planning meeting, especially with teams that cut across functional areas such as marketing, accounting, human resources, production, R&D, and engineering.




    Influence Skills - Coalitions 2020

    It is the year 2020, and the continued population and economic growth of the region has outpaced the water supply capacities for several communities. Participants of this coalition building simulation are members of one of six groups who have five months to develop a regional long-term water supply strategy and get it on the ballot. To do this, all cross-functional teams must create and sustain coalitions through building alliances to generate the referenda. 

    Consulting Skills - Corporate Mirror

    For internal staff or HR professionals who want to enhance their skills, Corporate Mirror™ is nationally known training in OD consulting. Through hands-on instruction in critical concepts and models, participants learn to help client organizations make more successful decisions. Unlike longer, more expensive programs, our three days bring a proven return on investment using hands-on client/consultant simulations, case studies, and structured feedback. Corporate Mirror™ teaches critical consulting skills essential to engaging, diagnosing, and serving management and line clients using real-life work problems as the basis for learning.